I’ve had many people lately, send me messages on Twitter about ISIS and terrorism in general, so I decided to add it to my website and be absolutely clear.  The number one job of the POTUS is to protect the citizens and property of the United States.  ISIS and other terrorists threaten both our citizens and our homeland on a daily basis.  Now some of these “terrorists” are just talking trash and we need to be able to separate the real from the pretend.  North Korea for example comes out every year and makes a threat against us, but has yet to make good on it.  The complete opposite would be ISIS, after they beheaded James Foley and posted the video to YouTube.  I am 100% supportive of any plan that completely annihilates the enemy on foreign soil and American soil.  I support strikes from our Air Force.  I support missiles from our Navy.  I support troops on the ground as a completely last resort.  We must take out ISIS and people like them.  It is not our duty to police the world, but it is our duty to protect Americans.


I absolutely do not support the current administration policies of allowing illegal immigration.  I do somewhat support the Dream Act whereas ‘small’ children were brought to America by their parents and have never known any other country but the USA.  With the current 2014 border crisis, I completely support deporting the people trying to enter our country.  We need to collect them, interview them and send them back to their home country.  If we do not, then word will spread back to Central America and more will come.


Employment for Americans, in America, is the most important issue other than immigration.  Illegal immigration has a direct effect on domestic employment for Americans.  Policies need to be put in place immediately that will force employers of all sizes to employ Americans and not illegal immigrants.  Other factors such as approving the Keystone Pipeline, more drilling for natural gas and oil, rebuilding of roads and bridges will also help to revitalize the American economy.  We must bring back jobs to America from overseas and create a new manufacturing wave in America.  Technology companies are driving the current world economy and we need to focus on bringing more of those companies from other places to America.


I am a firm believer in a strong military presence across the globe.  I believe that the stronger the country is, the more fear it places in other countries.  When others are fearful, they behave more.  At the same time that I want a strong military, I also do not want to be the world’s police force.  America should not have to get involved in every conflict across the globe.  But we should be ready and alert at a moments notice to intervene if needed.  Our current administration believes in downsizing our military to the point that it will be very hard to respond to conflicts across the globe if needed.  I want to strengthen our military presence because I can foresee crisis’ building all across the planet.  We need to be strong!  We need to be ready!  We need to be able to help if needed!  I also want to completely overhaul the Veterans Affairs department.  The soldiers that sign up to protect the US and the World need to know that when they get home, they will have the absolute best care money can buy and they should be able to go to any hospital or clinic and be treated.


Special interest groups and lobbyists are ruining the American government.  Each and every day there are hundreds of lobbyists roaming the hallways of our Capital building.  They are sitting down with your congressmen and senators and working deals behind closed doors.  You don’t hear about it, but trust me, it is happening.  Even your favorite Senator that you would love to see be our next President, is probably working deals right now with outside lobbyists that will benefit a corporation and not you.  President Obama stated during his campaign that he would kick lobbyists out of Washington and not be affiliated with them.  In his first term he had hired over 20 lobbyists to be a part of his administration.


I am a firm believer that each and every American has the right to protect themselves against anyone wishing to do them harm.  I personally think that it is a human right to protect yourself and we don’t even need the second amendment.  I believe that all Americans over the age of 21 should be allowed to carry a weapon for the sole purpose of protecting themselves and others.  No gun control legislation will prosper with me in the Senate.


Currently the federal government is larger than it has ever been.  It grows each and every day, in size and in debt.  I cannot tell you now how much or how little the government needs to be scaled down, but it will need to be substantial.  I will not tolerate the wasteful spending of the American people’s tax dollars.


Our government wastes billions of dollars each and every year.  We issue grants for research that has absolutely no use to average Americans.  The first thing we need to do is to acknowledge the problem, then we will research the problem and determine where the waste is happening and finally we will slash the budgets to eliminate it.  I have a problem when the government pays its employees double what the same person would make in the private sector.  I have a problem when the government gives a grant to some company to determine if a snake will attack a robotic squirrel (yes this is real).  I have a problem with our political leaders creating a spending bill and voting on it down party lines without any support from the other side of the aisle (Affordable Care Act).


It should be illegal for the federal government to take taxpayer money and bailout private companies.  We have regulations in place that are supposed to keep companies from making bad financial decisions, but they still do it.  I will not allow the government to take your hard-earned money and give it to any private companies because of their bad decisions.  Stimulus plans do not work.  The government should never take billions of taxpayer funds and turn around and give them back to taxpayers in the form of a stimulus check.


Taxes are a dirty word, always has been and always will.  I personally do not support our current tax system at all.  I’ve never been a fan of a tax plan that taxes your income instead of taxing your spending.  I would support a tax plan that is considered a “national sales tax” or a “flat tax” or a “fair tax”.  What I would support most of all is to reduce our spending back to the levels of 1995 when Bill Clinton was in office and there would be no need for personal income taxes at all.  I am smart enough to know that congress will never cut spending that much, so it would never happen.

All over the country I keep seeing people who want to raise the minimum wage.  I actually agree with raising it, but not to $10.10 that the democrats want.  I would support raising it $1 over its current level, with automatic raises of $ .50 every 2-5 years.  What I would rather see, is to eliminate Federal Income Taxes on people making less than $20,000 per year.  These people pay tax each payday and are struggling to pay bills.  But then every April 15th they get a refund of almost all their taxes anyway.  Why even take it from them, if the IRS is just going to give it all back to them.

Business taxes need to be cut from 35% to 15% immediately.  We need to allow American business’s amnesty to bring back the trillions of dollars they have stashed overseas to American accounts.  The way I see it, if a company has $500 billion sitting in an account in London then the American government is getting no taxes from it anyway.  So why not let them bring it back to America tax-free and use it to expand and create more jobs.


I am a firm believer in term limits and getting rid of the “old timers” in Washington DC.  These men and women in Congress are not looking out for the best interests of our generation and future generations.  I want fresh new people in Washington.  I want people from Gen X and the Millennial Generation to start getting into office and running the government.  I want to implement a program to help average citizens that want to run for political office to do so without having to be a millionaire.  Campaign finance is good place to start.


I understand that the USA needs a spying program.  I understand that we need to know what our enemies are planning.  But I don’t agree with spying on average American citizens without cause or without a warrant.  I will support legislation that reigns in the NSA, CIA and FBI to abide by the constitution and keep them from looking at your personal life.


I am a firm believer in the Constitution of the United States.  I also believe in the Declaration of Independence.  I feel that all Americans are equal regardless of were they live, what they look like, what their politics are, how much money they make, what religion they practice and whom they sleep next to at night.


I do not support sending American taxpayer money to foreign countries in the name of  “foreign aid”.  I completely support humanitarian aid during times of war or natural disasters.  But sending your money to countries that hate us or even countries that like us, makes no sense to me.  Your tax payer funds are supposed to be used to better your life, not someone half way across the globe.  Foreign aid should be a program that is voted on by congress to individual countries as needed, not one big bill to the entire world.