Michael Kinlaw is a conservative for U.S. Senate

It's time to take back Washington one Senate seat at a time. It's time to start over and take our country back.

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BiographyMichael KinlawU.S. Senate Candidate for Colorado

Michael Kinlaw is a conservative Republican who has strong opinions on a number of issues and his views put him right in line with a number of other conservatives likely to run in 2016. Michael has no political background of any kind and has launched his campaign in the great city of Colorado Springs, CO. Read More


I will not vote to go to war with any country unless they are a direct threat to you!
I will not allow the federal government to waste your tax dollars!
I will not allow federal employees to exempt themselves from anything you're required to abide by!
I will not arm extremists and rebels in countries that hate us!
I will not support the overthrow of any government unless it poses a direct threat to you!
I will not support any type of immigration reform until the border is 100% secure!
I will not support nor sign anything that limits your rights to gun ownership!
Your children in our armed forces will have superior care when they come home!
The NSA and spying programs will be changed to protect your privacy!
Taxes will be lowered on middle class and poor citizens!
You will have the opportunity to run for public office without being a millionaire!

My Guarantee

“I guarantee that myself and my staff will work daily with you and your families best interest at heart with each and every decision we make. We will never make a decision that violates your constitutional rights in any way. I do not care what your politics are, what your religion is, where you live or how much money you make. I want to be your Senator and I will work for you no matter what.”

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